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Composters are available for pickup after 24 hours.

Composting at home is good for your wallet, and great for the environment.

Composting is a great way to stay eco-friendly, save money, and get in touch with nature. Many homeowners are intimidated by the prospect of composting, thinking it could be complex, difficult, or time-consuming, but the truth is that anyone can compost at home if they have a reliable home composter.

Fast and yuck-free composting for your home.

Our composter is easy to clean and maintain, and the vents allow for just the right amount of airflow to encourage fast, odorless composting. The composting process is as simple as lining the composter, regularly adding your food waste, and shuffling the jars and mixing in with cocopeat and spoon of compost starter. The product is durable, affordable, and a great option for people in all living situations.

Here’s how it works. . .

Cocopeat helps food waste to get dry. Holes in the wall provide air necessary for the composting process. Extra water falls through the bottom hole into the next container where the material will absorb water, which helps to provide an odor-free experience.

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